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Preop and Postop Instructions


Preoperative instructions

  1. Eat a light breakfast or lunch and take all of your medications unless directed to hold them by staff prior to your appointment.
  2. Tell us if your require premedication for procedures such as teeth cleaning. Usually this is due to a prosthetic heart valve, an orthopedic device implanted within the last two years or a history of heart valve disease or rheumatic heart fever. We will write you a prescription to take one hour prior to your surgery
  3. We recommend a shower the evening or morning before surgery. Wear freshly laundered clothes but avoid high collars. It is best to wear a shirt or blouse that buttons up the front.
  4. Do not apply makeup or lotion or shaving cream to the area.
  5. Bring a container for contact lenses and your glasses and dentures and hearing aids.
  6. Realize that you may be in the office for an extended period of time on your surgery day so avoid any after-surgery appointments. You may also bring a snack.
  7. Call our office if you get sick with a fever between now and the time of surgery.
  8. You may bring one companion. Our waiting room is small and may not accommodate more than one companion per patient. We normally have your companion wait in the waiting room during the procedure. You will not be sedated so a companion is not absolutely necessary.
  9. Make sure you discuss your anticoagulation medication with the staff prior to surgery. We usually recommend that you stay on that medication unless you have permission to stop it from the prescribing doctor. The risk of bleeding in skin surgery is much lower than in other types of surgeries. We may want to check a blood test in the case of some medications (such as warfarin). In the case of warfarin we will ask for a recent INR and if the INR is over 3 we will have your doctor adjust your dose of warfarin. Please notify the office if you have had a recent change in your dose of warfarin.   


  • Peroxide
  • Sterile saline or sterile eye wash
  • Aquaphor (not polysporin or Neosporin) or vaseline (clean unopened jar)
  • Q tips
  • Cotton Balls
  • 4x 4 gauze sponges
  • Paper or silk adhesive tape
  • Bandaids
A dressing will be placed over your surgical wound and will not need to be removed for 48 hours. Most of these supplies will be necessary after 48 hours and can be found in most pharmacies or at HEB. At the time of your appointment you will be given verbal and written. wound care instructions  

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