How to Prepare for Your Appointment



New patient forms

For your convenience, below we have provided the forms you will need as a new patient. Click on the PDF links to download and print. Bringing your completed forms with you on your first visit will help expedite our intake process so we can focus on caring for you.

How to prepare for your clinic (nonsurgical) appointment

1. You are scheduled for a 15 minute appointment. Although we do everything we can to see you at your scheduled time of your appointment, occasionally there will be a wait. We appreciate your understanding. The front desk will notify you when you check in if the wait will be over one half hour. Occasionally this happens at the last minute, but we will do everything we can to keep you aware of the situation. We appreciate it if you can prepare for the appointment and have the following items readily available.
  • Download the patient forms on website and fill these out prior to your appointment . This will greatly reduce your time in the waiting room.
  • A list of all of your areas of concern which should be communicated to the medical assistant before the doctor enters the room. 
  • A current list of all of your medications and allergies. ( no need to bring this if you have put these on the patient forms) 
  • The names and dosages of previous treatments for any conditions that you want to discuss at this appointment.
2. Please be aware that it is highly likely that you will be asked to undress as the doctor will need to perform an exam. We will provide an exam gown and a blanket if you wish. The doctor often will need to look at your entire skin surface to make a diagnosis rather than just a small area.

3. It is highly recommended that all makeup is removed. The doctor can only make a thorough assessment about your skin when she can see the entire sun exposed areas. Remove all large jewelry before the examination.    

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